Thursday, September 30, 2010

Question-Answer-Relationships & Microscopes!

Today in biology, students received their Multiple Intelligences Quizzes back.  They also received a handout called "Types of Intelligence and Study Habits" that you can get from the Document Crate in Week 7 and you should glue on NB p. 23.  Students also made labels with their college goals on them to put on the front cover of their notobooks.  (Get labels from the document crate too.)  Finally, students took notes on a reading strategy called "Question Answer Relationships."  The notes go on notebook p. 25.  Get them from a classmate or from Ms. Adams.  Practice identifying question types by using the article "Plain Soap As Effective As Antibacterial But Without the Risk" which you will also find in the Week 7 folder in the document crate.  7th period also finished and turned in their Handwashing Labs.

For biology homework, read the article and answer the three comprehension questions on notebook p. 24.

In AP biology, we did the AP Entrance Ticket that you can find in Week 7's document crate folder.  We then went over the reading notes on NB pp. 68-71.  Then we created some "left side" review drawings on the left hand pages.  Finally, we reviewed Microscope Structure and Function using Appendix C of the book and taking notes on NB p. 73.

For homework, read the Microscope Intro Lab (get it from Week 7 in the document crate.)

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