Thursday, September 16, 2010

Venn Diagram, Protein Denaturation

Today in environmental science, students finished their Venn Diagrams on NB p. 58 and then compared them with a partner and then compared them to a giant class Venn Diagram in the classroom.  In 7th period, we also finished the notes on NB p. 57 about the "After the Flush Video" from Wednesday.

Homework: Do your summaries on NB pp. 51 & 57 due Friday.

Today in AP bio, students got the "Preview to AP Lab 2" handout.  They scanned the lab and circled any new words.  The word that we focused on was "denatured."  Then students read about protein denaturation on text pp. 84-85 while taking notes on NB pp. 56-57.

For homework, continue to do your questions and summaries to review your notes for Monday's quiz.  Also, read your lab handout.

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