Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Human Impacts Jigsaw, Protein "Bracelets"

In environmental science today, we completed the do now (on the bottom of NB p. 34:) Do you think humans have the responsibility to protect the environment?  Why or why not?

Then students took notes on NB pp. 38-39 about Human Impacts on the Hydrologic Cycle using textbook pp. 186-189.  Each student had one section to read and take notes and then they will present to a small group of students (this is called a jigsaw.)

For homework, environmental science students should complete their summaries on NB p. 38 about their notes.

In AP biology, students practiced primary, secondary, tertiary, and quartenary protein structure by creating a "protein" out of beads.  Get the handout from the document crate and see Ms. Adams after school on Wednesday to create your protein.  Re-read the lipids reading and review your protein structure for homework.

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