Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Jigsaw Day 2, Lipids Notes

Today in AP biology, I checked students' protein bracelet models.  Then, I gave students' water properties quizzes back.  I gave notes about tips for writing AP bio essays and then Lipids Notes.  For homework, write an essay about protein structure.

In honors environmental science, I checked students' summaries on NB p. 38, then I gave notes on how to write a summary.  Then we went over the notes that they had taken on NB pp. 39-41.  Finally, they took a short five question quiz about Human Impacts on the Water Cycle.  For honors env. science HW, revise your summaries on NB pp. 38-40.

In regular environmental science, students taught each other about their sections for NB pp. 39-41.  Then they took a six question quiz about Human Impacts on the Hydrologic Cycle.  For homework, finish your summaries on NB pp. 38-42.

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