Monday, September 13, 2010

Week 5!

Today in AP biology, I gave the graphic organizers for macromolecules back and students made corrections, based on the feedback.  Then students had 15 minutes to write a response to a free response question.  (Get from the document crate.)  I also gave them a study guide about Chemicals of Life.

For AP bio homework, re-read textbook pp. 86-89 (nucleic acids,) study for Wednesday's quiz over macromolecules, and update your notebook's glossary by Wed.

In environmental science, we did slightly different things in 4th period (honors) and 7th period.  (See below.)  The basics are as follows.  First, students completed their do now on NB p. 50.  Get the question from a friend or from Ms. Adams.  Then, they took notes on the bottom of p. 50 about doing a Community Action Plan (all but 4th & 7th periods.)  Finally, students began entering their top two survey questions (from NB p. 45) into Ms. Adams' computer while everyone studied for tomorrow's vocab quiz.

In 7th period, students reveiwed the article about permeable pavement and disconnected downspouts.  Then they took notes about these two topics on NB p. 50.  In 4th period, students began to brainstorm about a possible brochure to use as an educational piece to communicate to the community about the water issues in Chicago.  They completed this work on NB pp. 48-49.

For homework for all environmental science classes, please study for tomorrow's vocab quiz over the 8 "new" groundwater words and also find out what your student ID is so you can get your grades when they are posted tomorrow.

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