Friday, October 29, 2010

Look at Thursday's entry!

Today I saw the 5th, 6th, and 8th period classes, but the content was the same as Thursday, so look at Thursday's blog post for the work that you missed!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Advertisement experiments, Preview to Lab 1

Today in biology, we finished correcting our ACT Science packets.  Then we began our Magazine Advertisement experiment projects.  See Ms. Adams for information.

Homework:  Have your parents sign your grade report (on notebook p. 61) due Monday.

In AP bio, we completed the preview to AP Lab 1.  Please see Ms. Adams to make it up.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Correcting exams, Organelle structure & function

Today in regular biology, I returned several papers to students.  Get them from your class period's drawer in the "returned work" drawer.  We corrected the Quarter 1 Exam and also the ACT Science packet from Monday.  I also gave out grade reports for first quarter. Have your parents sign them, glue them on NB p. 61 and turn them in by Monday!

Today in AP bio, we took notes on the links between organelle structure & function.

For homework, finish the Cell as a City work from yesterday.

Monday, October 25, 2010

ACT Science Packet, Cell as the City

I was out today, so students worked with the sub to do the following work.  Juniors in regular biology worked on the ACT Science Packet.  Get it from the Week 11 folder in the document crate.  Students worked through page 14.

In AP biology, students worked on the "Cell as a City" Complete it as homework.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

End of First Quarter

Today was the last day of the first quarter!  In biology, students wrote their research questions, hypotheses, and independent and dependent variables on a large index card and turned it in.  If you were absent, get the index card from the Week 10 folder in the Document Crate and see Ms. Adams for information on how to format the card.

Students also worked on wrapping up any loose ends with regard to their notebooks today.

For homework, work on your science fair projects over the three day weekend (do some library research, gather materials, etc.)

In AP biology, students graded their peers' practice essay #4.  Then they turned them in.  Then we had another short practice essay about setting up experiments.  (See Ms. Adams for the prompt.)

For homework, review eukaryotic organelle structure & function.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Quarter 1 Exam, Setting up Experiments

Today in biology, students took their quarter 1 exam.  I also checked the microscope intro lab on NB pp. 53-55.  Finally, I checked the last of the interactive notebooks that I hadn't already checked.
There is no homework for tonight!

In AP biology, we took notes about setting up experiments.  Then we discussed how to fix AP Practice Essay #3.

For homework, rewrite Essay #3, part b.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Left Side Study Guide, Odds & Ends

Today in biology we created our "Left Side" Multiple Intelligences Study Guide on NB pp. 40, 42, and 44.  (See Ms. Adams or a classmate for information on how to do this.)  Then we checked our Simpsons experiments work on NB pp. 56-59.  (See Ms. Adams to check yours.)

For homework, study for tomorrow's exam and bring a #2 pencil!

Today in AP biology, we went over the Potato Core graphs (keep them for when we do Lab #1.) and then we went over AP Essay #3 Part A.

For homework rewrite AP Essay #3 Part A.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Simpsons Experiments, Graphing Notes

Today in biology, students completed the Simpsons Experiments in order to study for Wednesday's Quarter 1 Exam.  Pick up the four handouts from the Week 10 folder in the Document Crate.  Also, we went over the four analysis questions from notebook p. 55 (Microscope Intro Lab.)  The Lab is due tomorrow.  I also handed back a lot of work, depending on which class you are in, so check the returned work drawer for your class period.

Homework: Finish the Microscope Intro Lab.  Finish the Simpsons Experiments.

Today in AP biology, we took notes on the basics of graphing (get them from a classmate.)  I also handed back a lot of work, so get that from the returned work drawer.

Homework: Redo your graph from Lab #2.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Microscope Labs x 2

Today was a fun day because I facilitated microscope labs in both AP bio and regular bio.

In regular bio, we did the "Microscope Intro Lab" in which we looked at the letter "e" cut from a newspaper and two hairs crossed in order to get used to using the microscopes.  If you were absent, see Ms. Adams on Wednesday after school to make up the lab.  If you can't make that time, then talk to Ms. Adams as soon as possible.  (Pick up the 3rd page to the lab in the Document Crate in the week 9 folder.)

For homework, study NB pp. 41, 43, 45 for Wednesday's exam.  Also, the Lab's analysis questions are due on Tuesday.

In AP biology, we did the "Look at Your Cells" lab in which we looked at our own cheek cells, Elodea cells, and onion skin cells.  See Ms. Adams to make up the lab on Wednesday after school if you were absent.

For homework, finish the Amazing Cells Webquest and the Cellular Organelles Chart (on NB pp. 78-79, both due Monday.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Microscope Pre-Lab x 2

Today in biology, students checked their study guides (NB pp. 41, 43, 45.) Have Ms. Adams check yours and get the correct answers from her.  Then students began to go over the "Microscope Intro Lab" (get your 2 pages from the Document Crate in the Week 9 folder.)  Glue the lab on pp. 53-54.

For homework, do the prelab for the Microscope Intro Lab.

Today in AP biology, we did the Pre-Lab for the "Look at Your Cells" Lab.  (Get the Handout from the Week 9 folder from the Document Crate.)

For homework, finish the assignments that were listed in the blog entry for Wed. 10/13/10.

Science Fair Websites

Ms. Gates just forwarded me this attachment with a whole bunch of science fair links.  Check 'em out!  Also, she said that she has a bunch of science fair books in the library.

Please note that just because you found it on a website, does not necessarily mean that it is an 11th grade science fair project.  But, here are some ideas you might want to modify.  Also, I have not looked at any of these sites.  I am trusting that Ms. Gates reviewed them to an extent, but I do not endorse any of the sites below, they are nearly a starting point.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Textbook Scavenger Hunt

Today in biology, students received a bunch of papers back, so check the returned work box for your period to get your work.  Also, they competed against one another to finish the "Textbook Scavenger Hunt" on notebook pp. 50-51.

For homework, finish your quarter 1 exam study guide, due tomorrow!

In AP biology, turn in your Essay #4 and your prokaryote/eukaryote graphing organizer.  Then set up your notebook for your eukaryotic organelle reading notes (see Ms. Adams on how to set it up.)  Then read text pp. 100-111 to fill in your graphic organizer using the organelles listed on the poster in the classroom.

For homework, do the Amazing Cells Webquest, due Monday.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Week 9!

Today is the beginning of Week 9.  The end of the quarter is coming soon!

In biology, I checked the science fair research questions (NB p. 30) and students gave one another peer-to-peer feedback.  (See a peer or Ms. Adams for guiding questions that you should have on NB p. 30.)  Also, I gave students the study guide for the quarter 1 exam.  Get it from the document crate in the Week 9 folder.  Finally, we made "Clock Partners."  If you were absent, we tried to match you up, so get your clock from the returned work drawer with your period # on it.  Also get your returned work too!

I also checked some interactive notebooks, so if yours has not yet been checked, please see me after school to check it!

For homework, work on your study guide.  It is due on Thursday!

In AP bio, we took the "Intro to Cells" Notes on NB p. 75-76.  Also, I gave out four handouts.  Get them from the Week 9 folder in the document crate.  They are titled "Prokaryote," "Eukaryote 1," "Eukaryote 2," and "Compare/Contrast Prokaryote and Eukaryote."

For homework in AP biology, read text pp, 94-101 and finish the compare/contrast prokaryote/eukaryote graphic organizer.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Science Fair Deadlines

Here are all of the deadlines for the science fair this year.  Notice that there is one new deadline (second draft on Nov. 30) and one updated deadline.  The "hypothesis established" deadline will be Oct. 21 instead of Oct. 20, due to the fact that we will have our quarter 1 exam on Oct. 20.

  • Oct. 6: Identify your topic
  • Oct. 12: Idea approved (Your research question must be testable and have an independent and dependent variable.)
  • Oct. 15: Establish a purpose
  • Oct. 18: Begin using the library/computer lab to research your topic (note: this is a soft deadline, you will need to do more library research in order to finish your research paper!)
  • Oct. 21: Hypothesis is established.
  • Oct. 25: Conduct/plan/perform your experiment and collect your data and results (note: this is a soft deadline)
  •  Nov. 17: Analyze results and establish a conclusion.
  • Nov. 22: First draft of research paper and abstract due
  • Nov. 30: Second draft of research paper and abstract due
  • Dec. 1: First draft of your display board (or evidence of it (such as a photograph or parts of it)) due.  Begin practicing your presentation.
  • Dec. 6-7: Final board and paper due.  Classroom science fair.
  • Dec. 15: CICS-Longwood Science Fair. 

Friday, October 8, 2010

In class essay, at home essay

Today in biology, students took notes on Levels of Organization on notebook p. 39 (get from a classmate or Ms. Adams.)  Then Ms. Adams checked the concept map on NB p. 36 and students used the concept map to write an expository essay in class. 

Here are the criteria for the expository essay:
  • Explain the relationships between the 12 levels of organization
  • Use complete sentences
  • Use paragraphs (at least 3)
For homework for biology, on NB p. 30, identify your research question for approval (make sure it is experimental and can have an independent and dependent variable.)  Also write your summary and at least 2-3 review questions about your notes on NB p. 39.

For AP biology, we finished AP Lab #2 and turned it in with the Analysis Questions.  (Skip analysis question #1.)  Also skip Parts 2A and 2C.

For homework, do AP Pracice Essay #3 (get it from the document crate in the Week 8 folder)

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Levels of Organization, Titrations

Today in biology, we completed a sorting activity about Levels of Organization of Living Things.  (get 3 handouts from the Week 8 folder in the document crate.)  See a classmate or Ms. Adams for directions on how to make a pocket in your notebook on notebook p. 37.

For homework, create a concept map on notebook p. 36 for the Levels of Organization of Living Things.  Here are your criteria:
  • Use all 12 levels of organization
  • Put them in order from largest to smallest
  • Use 3 or more colors
  • Explain the relationships between the words
Today in AP biology, we finished Lab 2.

For homework, complete the graphs for your data and also answer as many analysis questions as you are able to.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Mythbusters, revisited, AP Lab 2

Today in biology, students finished watching Mythbusters clips and identifying the hypotheses and data collected about each clip on notebook 29 and 31.  I also checked the science fair topics on notebook p. 30. (See me to have this checked and recorded.)  I also checked interactive notebooks.  See me after school to get yours checked.

You don't have additional homework that is due tomorrow, however, keep in mind that the next science fair deadline is on Tuesday Oct. 12, so you may wish to think about developing your research question.

Today in AP biology, we completed AP Lab 2B and 2D.  See Ms. Adams to make it up if you were absent.  For homework, read over the lab again and answer any analysis questions that you can.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Analyzing Science Terms, Science Fair, Setting Up Lab 2

Today in biology, students checked and/or finished "Analyzing Science Terms."  Get yours from your period's returned work box and/or the document crate from Week 7.  Then students worked on developing their science fair topics on notebook p. 30.

For homework, finish your science fair topic development on notebook p. 30.

In AP biology, we started setting up AP Lab #2, part 2D and we also set up part 2C.  See Ms. Adams to do the lab if you were absent.

For homework, review the lab.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Mythbusters, Preparing for AP Lab 2

Today in biology, I provided students with the changed dates for the science fair packet.  (See a classmate or Ms. Adams' notebook for updates.)  Then I provided the correct answers for the ACT practice questions on NB pp. 26-27.  (Again, get them from me or from a classmate.) 

Students watched the "Best of 2009" clips of the show "Mythbusters" in order to determine the hypothesis that was being tested and the data that was being collected.  Record your info on NB p. 29 and 31.

For homework, your science fair topic is due on Wednesday.  Write it on Notebook p. 30.

Today in AP biology, I returned the Chemistry of Life Unit Exam and the Toothpickase Preview to AP Lab 2.  Then I handed out AP Lab #2 and we began reading over it.

For homework, finish reading AP Lab #2.

Friday, October 1, 2010

QAR Practice, Microscope Lab

Today in biology, students received their Science Fair Packets (if you were absent, then I wrote your name on yours and put it into your period's "Returned Work" drawer.  Get it there and then staple it to the last page of your interactive notebook.)

Then I checked students' homework (notebook p. 24, the comprehension questions from the "Plain Soap..." article.)

Finally, students used the QAR strategy to identify the question types for ACT practice questions (notebook pp. 26-27, get from the Document Crate, Week 7 folder) and then they answered the questions.

For biology homework: Read the Science Fair packet and highlight important information.

In AP biology, students completed the "Intro to Microscopy" Lab.

For AP biology homework, answer the analysis questions for the lab.