Monday, October 4, 2010

Mythbusters, Preparing for AP Lab 2

Today in biology, I provided students with the changed dates for the science fair packet.  (See a classmate or Ms. Adams' notebook for updates.)  Then I provided the correct answers for the ACT practice questions on NB pp. 26-27.  (Again, get them from me or from a classmate.) 

Students watched the "Best of 2009" clips of the show "Mythbusters" in order to determine the hypothesis that was being tested and the data that was being collected.  Record your info on NB p. 29 and 31.

For homework, your science fair topic is due on Wednesday.  Write it on Notebook p. 30.

Today in AP biology, I returned the Chemistry of Life Unit Exam and the Toothpickase Preview to AP Lab 2.  Then I handed out AP Lab #2 and we began reading over it.

For homework, finish reading AP Lab #2.

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