Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Peer Reviewing, Passive Transport Notes

Today in biology, students peer reviewed their research papers using the Peer Review Checklist.  (Get it from the Week 15 folder in the document crate.)  I also introduced the criteria for what should be on your science fair poster (see the Science Fair Packet.)

For homework: Bring your materials to make your science fair poster.  Bring your Cambridge Volume 1 book.

Today in AP biology, students took notes about passive transport.  Get the notes from a classmate if you were absent.

For homework, complete your summaries and write your review questions.  Also work on your ODP.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Citing Sources, Graphing Data

Today in regular bio, we took notes on notebook p. 89 about citing sources for your science fair paper.  Get the notes from a classmate if you were absent.  We also went over the upcoming science fair deadlines.  I also checked your Carrot Lab Graphs and analysis questions (NB p. 85.)

Tuesday, November 30: Second Draft of Research Paper Due.
Thursday, December 2: Draft of Poster Due. (Changed deadline)
Monday, December 6: Final Draft of Research Paper and Final Poster Due
Tuesday, December 7: Classroom Science Fair
Wednesday, December 8: Next Interim Assessment (Practice ACT)

For homework: Finish your second draft of your paper, due tomorrow.  Bring your Cambridge Vol. 1 all this week.

Today in AP bio, I checked and we discussed the graphs from your AP Lab #1.

For homework, finish the four analysis questions for AP Lab #1 due tomorrow.  Also, the first draft of your powerpoint presentation for your Organismal Diversity Project is due on Monday Dec. 6.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Citing Sources for Science Fair Papers

It occurred to me tonight that we all might need a little refresher in citing sources appropriately to avoid plagiarism in our Reviews of Literature.  I found this nice tutorial on the APA's website.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Half Day-AP Lab, Regular Check in's for Science Fair

In AP bio today, we did AP Lab #1 Part B.  If you were absent, you may not make it up, as I stated on Monday.

For homework, finish the graph for the class data, due Monday.

In regular bio, we played review bingo and I conferenced with students about their science fair projects.

For homework, finish the Carrot Lab (NB pp. 81-85) due Monday.  Rough Draft #2 of your science fair research paper is due Tuesday.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Practice ACT for Pacing!

Today everyone took a practice ACT for pacing purposes.  If you were absent, then you will receive a ZERO for this grade, as you were told earlier this week.

In regular biology, students also worked on their graphs for the Carrot Lab after the practice test.

In AP biology, students also received the lab handout for tomorrow's lab.

AP homework: Read and annotate the lab.

Regular bio homework: Finish the graph, due Monday.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Pacing Guide for ACT, Finish Lab, Fluid Mosaic Model

Today in biology, students took notes on a Pacing Strategy for the Science ACT test (NB pp. 87-88.)  Then they finished collecting data for the Carrot Lab (120 hour data.)  Pick up graph paper and get your data from your group if you were absent.  I also collected students' first draft of their science fair research paper.

Homework: Review notebook p. 79 and your ACT Interpretation of Data sample questions for tomorrow's practice ACT, Carrot Labs will be due the Monday after Thanksgiving.

Today in AP biology, students took notes on a Pacing Strategy for the Science ACT test.  I passed back the Cell Organelle quizzes.  Then they took notes on the Cell Membrane.

Homework: Read Chapter 7.  Color the cell membrane diagram in your packet.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Library/Computer Lab Work

Today all of my classes (AP bio and regular bio) were in the library or the computer lab working on their projects (either the science fair research paper for regular bio or the Organismal Diversity Project for AP bio.)

Homework for regular bio:  The first draft of your science fair research paper is due on Monday!

Homework for AP bio: The first draft of your powerpoint presentation for your ODP is due on the Tuesday after Thanksgiving.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Day 2 of the Carrot Lab, ACT Packet Corrections

Note: All classes will meet in the library on Friday to work on their research!

Today in biology, students took their mass and volume measurements for the second day of the carrot lab.  Also, students calculated the densities for each of their carrots and recorded the information in their data tables.  If you were absent, see Ms. Adams to make arrangements to make up the lab.

In addition, we went over the details of the Science Fair research paper, using the Science Fair Packet, which students already possess.  Finally, I returned the Exit Tickets that go on notebook p. 74 and which measure proficiency on the identifying data in simple and complex data presentations objective.  Please get yours from the returned work drawer in the classroom.

For homework, continue to work on your science fair project.  The first draft of the research paper is due on Monday, Nov. 22.

In AP biology, we went over the answers to the ACT Science Packet on pp. 10-22.  Also, we briefly discussed the structure of the cell membrane.

For homework, read the Cell Membrane packet again, while referring to the diagram.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Carrot Lab, Cell Quiz

Today in biology, students started the Carrot Lab.  Students worked in groups of 4 to set up the Carrot Lab.  If you were absent, see Ms. Adams to make arrangements to make up the lab. 

For homework, work on your science fair research paper.

Today in AP biology, students took the Cells Quiz.  Then I checked the ACT Science Packet through p. 22.  Then I checked the ODP project packet.

For homework, read the Cell Membrane packet.  (Get it from the Week 14 folder in the document crate.)

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Prep for Carrot Lab, AP Vocab Bingo

Today in biology, students prepared for the Carrot Lab on notebook pp. 81-84.  See Ms. Adams or a classmate for the notes.

For homework:  Science fair data is due tomorrow!!!

In AP biology, we played vocabulary bingo to review for tomorrow's quiz over cell organelle functions and structures, prokaryotes and eukaryotes and a little bit of body structure vocabulary.

For homework: Study for your quiz!  Also have your ACT Science Workbook packet done through page 22 by tomorrow!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Marking the Text in Science, ODP Packet Supplement

Today in biology, students took notes on "Marking the text in Science" on notebook p. 79.  Get the notes from a classmate or Ms. Adams.  (Note 2nd period did the notes on NB p. 71, 73, and 75 using the textbook pages SH 10-SH 12.)  Also, I checked the notebook pp. 71, 73, and 75 if I didn't check yours on Friday.

For homework, work on your science fair project!  Data is due on Wednesday, research paper first draft is due on Monday!

In AP biology, we went over the basics of the ODP supplemental packet.  Get the packet from the Week 14 document crate folder.

For homework, finish your ACT Science Workbook packet through p. 22 by Wednesday.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Cornell Notes on Cambridge p. 643

Today in biology, we took Cornell notes on NB pp. 76 and 77 on Cambridge Vol. 1 pp. 643-644.  Get the notes from Ms. Adams or from a classmate.  We also finished the notes on NB pp. 71, 73, and 75 using textbook pp. SH 10-12 (see Wednesday's blog post.)  Check out a book if you need to finish this.  Ms. Adams checked the summaries and the notes for completion. 

Note: in second period, our schedule is slightly different due to the college fair, so we did not do pp. 71, 73, and 75, nor did we do the homework, as described below.

For homework, do Cambridge Vol. 1 p. 660 #10-14 and finish your Summary on NB p. 76 or 77.  Also, keep working on your science fair project because data is due on Wednesday, Nov. 17.

In AP bio, we also worked in our ACT Science Workbooks and the Cambridge Vol. 1 books (p. 643-644.)  I also gave a supplemental packet for the Organismal Diversity Project.  Get it from the Week 13 folder.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Data Tables & Graphs!

Today in biology, students took Cornell Notes on NB pp. 71, 73, and 75.  They answered the following questions using the Skills Handbook in the back of the biology textbook (SH 10-SH 12.)
  1. How do you make and use data tables?
  2. How do you make and use graphs?
  3. What are line graphs used for?
  4. How do you set up a line graph?
  5. What are bar graphs used for?
  6. How are bar graphs made?
  7. When should you use a circle graph?
  8. HOw do you make a circle graph?
For homework, bring your Cambridge Vol. 1 book to class on Friday and keep working on your science fair project!

In AP biology, students received an ACT science packet and worked on it.

For homework, continue working on the Organismal Diversity Project.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Marking Science ACT Texts & the Gallery Walk!

Today in biology, we started learning how to identify information in simple and complex data sets.  We're starting to do this by learning how to effectively mark ACT science texts.  There are two handouts for you to pick up in the document crate in week 13 ("Do Now 11/9" and "Mark Science Texts.")  Check the Table of Contents or a classmate to find out where you need to glue them in your interactive notebook.

Then we did our "Gallery Walk" of the Magazine Ad Experimental Design Posters.  Each group provided a peer grade on the rubric for another group's poster.  Check with your group to make sure everything is a-ok for this.

For homework, see yesterday's blog post.  The homework is the same for today!

In AP biology, we actually did the same thing as the other biology classes, except instead of doing a "Gallery Walk," we did an exit ticket, so get the exit ticket from Ms. Adams and turn it in!  If you were absent you should also get your notebook from Ms. Adams.

For homework, continue working on your Organismal Diversity Project.  I will check pp. 7-8 of your packet and answer questions about it tomorrow.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Finishing Magazine Ad Posters, Organismal Diversity Projects Info

Today in biology, students finished their Magazine Ad Posters.

For homework, work on your science fair project.  The following hard deadlines are coming up:  1) Nov. 17: bring your data in to show your progress on your project.  2) Nov. 22: a first draft of your research project is due.

Today in AP biology, I gave a pink packet that describes the Organismal Diversity Project in depth.  Get it from the Week 13 folder in the Document Crate.  I also collected notebooks to check the "Design Your Own" Lab.  Make sure I get yours!

For homework, use your textbook to answer at least half of the questions on the Organismal Diversity Project packet pp. 7-8.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Updates for Wed., Thursday, and Friday!

Oops, I didn't update the blog this week because we had a bit of an unusual week, so I didn't get to see everyone as I normally would.  On Wednesday, students took a practice ACT test.  Then on Thursday, we went to see "Waiting for Superman," so I didn't get to teach biology on either of those days.

On Friday, we also had an unusual day, but for different reasons.  We were scheduled to visit the library to complete science fair research paper research.  However, due to the fact that the school's power went out during 2nd through 4th periods, we were unable to do that.  Therefore, I went to Plan B.

Plan B was that students worked on their posters for their Magazine Ad experimental designs that we started on Monday.  (See notebook pp. 66-68.)

For homework, take a look at your science fair packet for upcoming science fair deadlines, and make sure that you're working diligently to meet them.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

ACT Science Packet (Part 2,) AP labs!

Today in biology, we worked on Part 2 of the ACT Science Packet in preparation for tomorrow's practice ACT test.  Please do Part 2 and then see Ms. Adams for the correct answers.  If I didn't get your notebook p. 61 on Monday, then I checked it today.

For homework, continue working on science fair!!!

In AP biology, students completed the experiments that they had planned.

For homework, analyze your data and plan your next steps.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Planning experiments-real and pretend!

Today in biology, students worked in their groups to plan their "magazine ad experiments."  I also gave feedback to all classes but 6th and 8th about their science fair projects on their index cards.  Get yours from the your class' returned work drawer.

Homework: Work on your science fair project!  It's a little more than a month away!  Also, bring your Science ACT packet tomorrow!

In AP biology, students worked to plan their starch, iodine, and dialysis tubing experiments.

For homework, finish writing the procedures.