Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Data Tables & Graphs!

Today in biology, students took Cornell Notes on NB pp. 71, 73, and 75.  They answered the following questions using the Skills Handbook in the back of the biology textbook (SH 10-SH 12.)
  1. How do you make and use data tables?
  2. How do you make and use graphs?
  3. What are line graphs used for?
  4. How do you set up a line graph?
  5. What are bar graphs used for?
  6. How are bar graphs made?
  7. When should you use a circle graph?
  8. HOw do you make a circle graph?
For homework, bring your Cambridge Vol. 1 book to class on Friday and keep working on your science fair project!

In AP biology, students received an ACT science packet and worked on it.

For homework, continue working on the Organismal Diversity Project.

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