Thursday, November 18, 2010

Day 2 of the Carrot Lab, ACT Packet Corrections

Note: All classes will meet in the library on Friday to work on their research!

Today in biology, students took their mass and volume measurements for the second day of the carrot lab.  Also, students calculated the densities for each of their carrots and recorded the information in their data tables.  If you were absent, see Ms. Adams to make arrangements to make up the lab.

In addition, we went over the details of the Science Fair research paper, using the Science Fair Packet, which students already possess.  Finally, I returned the Exit Tickets that go on notebook p. 74 and which measure proficiency on the identifying data in simple and complex data presentations objective.  Please get yours from the returned work drawer in the classroom.

For homework, continue to work on your science fair project.  The first draft of the research paper is due on Monday, Nov. 22.

In AP biology, we went over the answers to the ACT Science Packet on pp. 10-22.  Also, we briefly discussed the structure of the cell membrane.

For homework, read the Cell Membrane packet again, while referring to the diagram.

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