Friday, November 5, 2010

Updates for Wed., Thursday, and Friday!

Oops, I didn't update the blog this week because we had a bit of an unusual week, so I didn't get to see everyone as I normally would.  On Wednesday, students took a practice ACT test.  Then on Thursday, we went to see "Waiting for Superman," so I didn't get to teach biology on either of those days.

On Friday, we also had an unusual day, but for different reasons.  We were scheduled to visit the library to complete science fair research paper research.  However, due to the fact that the school's power went out during 2nd through 4th periods, we were unable to do that.  Therefore, I went to Plan B.

Plan B was that students worked on their posters for their Magazine Ad experimental designs that we started on Monday.  (See notebook pp. 66-68.)

For homework, take a look at your science fair packet for upcoming science fair deadlines, and make sure that you're working diligently to meet them.

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