Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Marking Science ACT Texts & the Gallery Walk!

Today in biology, we started learning how to identify information in simple and complex data sets.  We're starting to do this by learning how to effectively mark ACT science texts.  There are two handouts for you to pick up in the document crate in week 13 ("Do Now 11/9" and "Mark Science Texts.")  Check the Table of Contents or a classmate to find out where you need to glue them in your interactive notebook.

Then we did our "Gallery Walk" of the Magazine Ad Experimental Design Posters.  Each group provided a peer grade on the rubric for another group's poster.  Check with your group to make sure everything is a-ok for this.

For homework, see yesterday's blog post.  The homework is the same for today!

In AP biology, we actually did the same thing as the other biology classes, except instead of doing a "Gallery Walk," we did an exit ticket, so get the exit ticket from Ms. Adams and turn it in!  If you were absent you should also get your notebook from Ms. Adams.

For homework, continue working on your Organismal Diversity Project.  I will check pp. 7-8 of your packet and answer questions about it tomorrow.

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