Friday, November 12, 2010

Cornell Notes on Cambridge p. 643

Today in biology, we took Cornell notes on NB pp. 76 and 77 on Cambridge Vol. 1 pp. 643-644.  Get the notes from Ms. Adams or from a classmate.  We also finished the notes on NB pp. 71, 73, and 75 using textbook pp. SH 10-12 (see Wednesday's blog post.)  Check out a book if you need to finish this.  Ms. Adams checked the summaries and the notes for completion. 

Note: in second period, our schedule is slightly different due to the college fair, so we did not do pp. 71, 73, and 75, nor did we do the homework, as described below.

For homework, do Cambridge Vol. 1 p. 660 #10-14 and finish your Summary on NB p. 76 or 77.  Also, keep working on your science fair project because data is due on Wednesday, Nov. 17.

In AP bio, we also worked in our ACT Science Workbooks and the Cambridge Vol. 1 books (p. 643-644.)  I also gave a supplemental packet for the Organismal Diversity Project.  Get it from the Week 13 folder.

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