Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Week 9!

Today is the beginning of Week 9.  The end of the quarter is coming soon!

In biology, I checked the science fair research questions (NB p. 30) and students gave one another peer-to-peer feedback.  (See a peer or Ms. Adams for guiding questions that you should have on NB p. 30.)  Also, I gave students the study guide for the quarter 1 exam.  Get it from the document crate in the Week 9 folder.  Finally, we made "Clock Partners."  If you were absent, we tried to match you up, so get your clock from the returned work drawer with your period # on it.  Also get your returned work too!

I also checked some interactive notebooks, so if yours has not yet been checked, please see me after school to check it!

For homework, work on your study guide.  It is due on Thursday!

In AP bio, we took the "Intro to Cells" Notes on NB p. 75-76.  Also, I gave out four handouts.  Get them from the Week 9 folder in the document crate.  They are titled "Prokaryote," "Eukaryote 1," "Eukaryote 2," and "Compare/Contrast Prokaryote and Eukaryote."

For homework in AP biology, read text pp, 94-101 and finish the compare/contrast prokaryote/eukaryote graphic organizer.

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