Friday, October 8, 2010

In class essay, at home essay

Today in biology, students took notes on Levels of Organization on notebook p. 39 (get from a classmate or Ms. Adams.)  Then Ms. Adams checked the concept map on NB p. 36 and students used the concept map to write an expository essay in class. 

Here are the criteria for the expository essay:
  • Explain the relationships between the 12 levels of organization
  • Use complete sentences
  • Use paragraphs (at least 3)
For homework for biology, on NB p. 30, identify your research question for approval (make sure it is experimental and can have an independent and dependent variable.)  Also write your summary and at least 2-3 review questions about your notes on NB p. 39.

For AP biology, we finished AP Lab #2 and turned it in with the Analysis Questions.  (Skip analysis question #1.)  Also skip Parts 2A and 2C.

For homework, do AP Pracice Essay #3 (get it from the document crate in the Week 8 folder)

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