Sunday, October 10, 2010

Science Fair Deadlines

Here are all of the deadlines for the science fair this year.  Notice that there is one new deadline (second draft on Nov. 30) and one updated deadline.  The "hypothesis established" deadline will be Oct. 21 instead of Oct. 20, due to the fact that we will have our quarter 1 exam on Oct. 20.

  • Oct. 6: Identify your topic
  • Oct. 12: Idea approved (Your research question must be testable and have an independent and dependent variable.)
  • Oct. 15: Establish a purpose
  • Oct. 18: Begin using the library/computer lab to research your topic (note: this is a soft deadline, you will need to do more library research in order to finish your research paper!)
  • Oct. 21: Hypothesis is established.
  • Oct. 25: Conduct/plan/perform your experiment and collect your data and results (note: this is a soft deadline)
  •  Nov. 17: Analyze results and establish a conclusion.
  • Nov. 22: First draft of research paper and abstract due
  • Nov. 30: Second draft of research paper and abstract due
  • Dec. 1: First draft of your display board (or evidence of it (such as a photograph or parts of it)) due.  Begin practicing your presentation.
  • Dec. 6-7: Final board and paper due.  Classroom science fair.
  • Dec. 15: CICS-Longwood Science Fair. 

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