Friday, October 15, 2010

Microscope Labs x 2

Today was a fun day because I facilitated microscope labs in both AP bio and regular bio.

In regular bio, we did the "Microscope Intro Lab" in which we looked at the letter "e" cut from a newspaper and two hairs crossed in order to get used to using the microscopes.  If you were absent, see Ms. Adams on Wednesday after school to make up the lab.  If you can't make that time, then talk to Ms. Adams as soon as possible.  (Pick up the 3rd page to the lab in the Document Crate in the week 9 folder.)

For homework, study NB pp. 41, 43, 45 for Wednesday's exam.  Also, the Lab's analysis questions are due on Tuesday.

In AP biology, we did the "Look at Your Cells" lab in which we looked at our own cheek cells, Elodea cells, and onion skin cells.  See Ms. Adams to make up the lab on Wednesday after school if you were absent.

For homework, finish the Amazing Cells Webquest and the Cellular Organelles Chart (on NB pp. 78-79, both due Monday.

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