Friday, October 1, 2010

QAR Practice, Microscope Lab

Today in biology, students received their Science Fair Packets (if you were absent, then I wrote your name on yours and put it into your period's "Returned Work" drawer.  Get it there and then staple it to the last page of your interactive notebook.)

Then I checked students' homework (notebook p. 24, the comprehension questions from the "Plain Soap..." article.)

Finally, students used the QAR strategy to identify the question types for ACT practice questions (notebook pp. 26-27, get from the Document Crate, Week 7 folder) and then they answered the questions.

For biology homework: Read the Science Fair packet and highlight important information.

In AP biology, students completed the "Intro to Microscopy" Lab.

For AP biology homework, answer the analysis questions for the lab.

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