Thursday, September 9, 2010

Taking Action!

In environmental science today, we started the process of making our action plan to solve Chicago's water problems.  In all but 7th period, we read about alleys with permeable paving and downspout disconnection.

For homework, write five survey questions that could be used to collect information from community members about solutions to Chicago's water problems.  (For example, did you have water in your basement at the end of July?  Would you be willing to disconnect your downspout?)

Also, in all environmental science classes except fourth period, students took notes on summarizing (on NB p.6) and then they worked in pairs to revise their summaries (on NB p. 38.)

In AP biology, students used a sample protein structure essay to compare it to their essay (NB p. 38-39.)  I also checked their protein essays.  Then, I gave students the password to access the Campbell biology textbook online.  Finally, students took notes on carbohydrates and lipids.

For homework, complete the multiple intelligences quiz!

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