Wednesday, September 15, 2010

AP Bio Quiz, Env Science Water Reclamation

Today in AP biology, students took the Macromolecules Quiz.  See Ms. Adams to make it up.  For homework, do at least four summaries and review questions for your notes.  Also, we will be having a test on Monday over the Chemistry of Biology Unit!  Begin Studying!

In environmental science, students watched the video "After the Flush" and took Cornell Notes on NB p. 57.  Get the Diagrams about Water Reclamation and Water Purification from the Document Crate (in Week 5) and glue them to NB pp. 60-61.  Then they compared and contrasted Water Reclamation and Water Purifcation by making a Venn Diagram on NB p. 58 (all except 7th period.)  I collected 4th period's notebooks.

Here's the link for the video:

For homework, finish the homework that was posted on yesterday's blog post.

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