Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Lab wrap-up, interactive notebook beginning, AP microscope notes

Today in biology, students took notes on setting up their interactive notebooks.  (Get the notes from a friend and/or get the presentation notes from Ms. Adams.)  Then students started numbering their notebook pages according to Ms. Adams' specifications.  (Again, see Ms. Adams or a classmate for information on how to do this.)

In all bio classes except 8th period, students also finished up the Handwashing Lab by looking at the multi-class data (get it from the Week 7 folder in the document crate) and then answering Analysis Questions #1-3.  Then students turned in their Handwashing Labs. 

For biology homework, finish numbering your notebook pages with the even numbers on the left and the odd numbers on the right.

In AP biology, students took guided reading Cornell notes on text section 6.1 on notebook pp. 69-71.

For AP biology homework, finish your notes and complete summaries on NB pp. 68 an 70 about your notes.

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