Friday, September 17, 2010

Bipolar day

Today was Homecoming, which was very exciting because everyone was showing their Panther Pride and representing their Class of 2011 and 2012 spirit.  However, it was melancholy because it was the day that I told the Class of 2011 that I will no longer be their teacher as of Monday because I will be switching teaching programs to teach the juniors.  Many students were very gracious and supportive, even though I could tell that they were also sad that I will no longer be their teacher.  However, I will just be down in Room 103, so I will still be close by.

We discussed some of the plans for the transition, including the fact that I will provide tutoring for one more day (this coming Wednesday) and that all of their grades will be maintained in the electronic gradebook.  Today I checked notebooks and returned quizzes.  Students had the choice of writing one of the following essays:  1) Compare and contrast drinking water purification and wastewater reclamation or 2) Write an ad for your next science teacher.  You have no homework.

For AP biology, we took notes on enzymes in preparation for AP Lab #2.  For homework, read over the procedures.

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