Friday, September 10, 2010

ACT Boot Camp

Today in all of my classes (environmental science and AP Biology,) we had "ACT Boot Camp."  What this means is that each student was assigned a particular group, based on his or her self-identified need and then he/she took notes on NB pp. 46-48 using a packet of information about the science ACT.  Please see Ms. Adams for a packet that you may borrow and then return.

In environmental science, I also checked the homework (NB p. 45.)  Except for 7th period, environmental science does not have additional homework over the weekend.  7th period should read the articles "Disconnecting Downspouts and Permeable Pavement Alleys" found in the document crate.  Enjoy!

For AP biology, your homework over the weekend is to study about proteins, lipids, and carbohydrates using your multiple intelligences.  Update your glossary by Wednesday.

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