Thursday, September 2, 2010

Carb Notes & Quiz #1 Returned

Today in environmental science, I returned Quiz #1 (Hydrologic Cycle Vocab.)  If you were absent, look for yours in the returned work drawer with your class period number on it in the back of the room.  Also, we did a couple of catch up things.  In second period, we took notes on the Hydrologic Cycle overview (NB p. 27, get it from a friend.) and in 4th-7th periods, we took notes on ACT Quick Tips for Success (NB p. 22) and went over some tips for frequently missed questions on the practice science ACT (see NB pp. 20-21...get the copies from the aforementionned returned work drawer.)

I also checked the new vocabulary words (groundwater, etc.) and we went over them, so make sure to have me check them if you were absent.

Finally, we make partner "appointment clocks" for partner work.  If you were absent, someone else made appointments for you, so yours should be in the returned work drawer.  Just glue it in the inside back cover of your notebook.

I collected 7th period's notebooks in order to check notebook p. 33 and the vocabulary since I didn't have time in class to do so.

For homework, study your vocab words.

In AP bio, students took notes on carbohydrates (NB p. 30-31 and continued on to 32.)  Get the notes from a classmate.

For homework, finish your Organic Compounds Graphic Organizer.

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