Monday, September 20, 2010

First Day with 11th Grade Biology

Today was my first day in Room 104 with the 11th grade biology students.  Overall I got a warm reception, although it was also sad to be away from the seniors. 

In biology, students answered the do now question (entry #13:) Biology is/is not related to my future career because....

Then (in all periods but 2nd and 8th,) we went over the Syllabus Addendum (pick it up from the Document Crate in the Week 6 Folder.)  Finally, students wrote their Science Autobiographies by first brainstorming about the following questions: 1) Is my career connected to biology? Why/why not?  2) What positive experiences have I had with science?  3) What negative experiences have I had with science?  Then they wrote a one-page science autobiography using 2 of the 3 brainstorming questions. 

For biology homework, finish the one page science autobiography, due tomorrow!

In AP biology, students answered a do now question on NB p. 60 and then we did the Preview to Lab #2.

For homework, calculate the averages for the three trials.

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