Tuesday, February 1, 2011

In class essays, Frayer Models explained

Today in biology I further explained the Frayer models for vocabulary for the organelles on pp. 28-31.  In the two bottom boxes, students should write about 1) Examples of Structure (A description of what the organelle looks like and where it's located) and 2) An Analogy (a connection or comparison to what you know.)

Students used Section 7.3 in the textbook to read about the organelles.  Then they filled out information in their Frayer models about the organelles.  The list of organelles is below.  The starred* organelles are extra credit.

  1. chromatin
  2. ribosome
  3. endoplasmic reticulum
  4. golgi apparatus
  5. vacuole
  6. chloroplasts
  7. chlorophyll*
  8. mitochondria
  9. cytoskeleton*
  10. cilia
  11. flagella
  12. cell wall
  13. nucleolus
  14. cytoplasm
  15. nucleus*
For homework, all of the Frayer Model words will be due on Friday.

In AP bio, students wrote an in class essay title comparing and contrasting mitosis and meiosis.  Then I returned a bunch of assignments and students looked at their grades, which were posted. 

For homework, read and annotate Lab 3B1 and 3B2 (packet pp. 35-44 by Thursday.)  (Email Ms. Adams ASAP at jennifer.adams@cics.edisonlearning.com if you do not have your Lab 3 packet.)

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