Friday, February 4, 2011

Friday after the blizzard

On Friday, I was absent, and so were over 50% of you.  For regular bio, students should finish their Modified Frayer Models* (12 required, 15 for extra credit) on NB pp. 28-31.  They should use the textbook section 7.3, their Amazing Cells Webquest, and the animal cell diagram on NB p. 26 of their notebooks.  Check the blog post from Tuesday for the words.

*There is a poster on a bulletin board in the room to explain what should be in the Frayer Model.  The bottom two boxes should be 1) Examples of Structure (A description of what the organelle looks like and where it's located) and 2) An Analogy (a connection or comparison to what you know.)

You may complete the "Cell as a City" assignment for Extra Credit (but only if all of their other assignments are finished and graded.)  (Get the handout from the Week 23 Folder in the Document Crate.)

Reg. Bio Homework: Review the organelles' functions and what they look like.

For AP bio, Students completed AP Lab 3.B.1.  (We may have to revisit this on Monday, since it looks like 50% of the class was absent.)  Get 4 pipe cleaners (2 yellow and 2 red.)  Get the "Crossing over and Meiosis" handout from the Week 23 Folder and the Lab 3B.1: Simulation of Meiosis (that they already have and should have read and annotated for homework) in order to simulate meiosis and crossing over.  Answer analysis questions #1, 2, 3, and 5 on Lab p. 39-40.

AP Bio Homework: Re-read Lab 3.B.2.

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