Friday, February 11, 2011

ACT Review, Insect Presentation

Today in biology, we went over the homework (Passage VII on NB p. 39) and the classwork from yesterday (Passage I on NB p. 38.)  I checked both, so if you were absent, make sure you have me check them.  Then students took Cornell Notes on the 8 ACT Strategies that Work packet (borrow one from the Week 25 folder) on NB p. 40-41.  I also gave out slips of paper with the December scores on them and students pasted them in the inside cover of their notebooks.

For homework, practice your sample ACT questions from your final exam packet and any other location that you can find.  (Check out too.)

In AP biology, Brielle did her presentation on Insects.  Then we went over the ACT packet on NB p. 33.  For homework, do Practice Test 3 in Cambridge Vol. II pp. 484-494 and check your answers.

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