Monday, February 7, 2011

Catch up from Friday

Today in all of my classes, we caught up from Friday and from last week.

In biology, finish your Frayer models on NB pp. 28-31.  Also, get a Plant Cell diagram handout from the Week 24 folder.

If you are all done with everything, get the "Cell as a City" extra credit assignment from the Week 24 folder (it's due on Wednesday.)

For homework, Review and highlight your Frayer Models for tomorrow's quiz on organelle function.

In AP bio, students who were not present on Friday completed Friday's assignment (see Friday's blog post.)  People who were present on Friday had their work checked and then they worked on the Lab 3.B.2 pre-lab.

For homework, answer the analysis questions from Lab 3.B.1 (all except the one about spermatogenesis and oogenesis.)

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