Thursday, February 10, 2011

Extrapolating Data, 2 AP Bio presentations

Today in biology, we went over the exit ticket from yesterday (just questions 7, 8, and 9) and glued it on NB p. 36.  Then I checked last night's homework (the summary on NB p. 35.)  Then students read, marked the text, wrote questions, and a summary of the Extrapolating/Predicting Results Notes (get from the Week 24 folder) on NB p. 37.

Finally, students marked the text and answered questions in an ACT passage (Passage #1/Extrapolation/Prediction Practice--get it from the Week 24 folder) and turned it in for classwork.

For homework, complete Passage VII on NB p. 39 (get it from the Week 24 folder.)

In AP biology, we had two presentations (Chordata-jawed fish by Chris and Tunicates and Lancelets by Savannah.)  Get the handouts from the Week 24 box and the notes from a classmate.

For homework, finish the rest of the ACT practice questions (on NB p. 33) by tomorrow.  Work on the crossword puzzle, due Monday.

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