Wednesday, February 9, 2011

ACT Practice, Meiosis Crossing Over Lab

Today in biology, I checked students' homework from the Cambridge Vol. 1 book.  (If you were absent, have me check it.)  Then we took notes on NB p. 35 on manipulating data in data presentations (get from a classmate.)  Then students worked on practice problems from the Cambridge Vol. 1 pp. 652-654.  Finally, students completed an Exit ticket.  (Get it from the Week 24 folder in the Document Crate.  Complete only #7-9.)

Homework: Complete a summary about the notes on NB p. 35.

Today in AP biology, students completed Lab 3.B.2.  They used the Sordaria to view the results of crossing over from meiosis.

For homework, complete all of the ACT practice problems by Friday.

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