Monday, August 23, 2010

Schedule Changes & Water, Water!

Today was a bit unusual due to schedule changes for juniors (during first period) and seniors (sometime during the afternoon.  I think I saw everyone, but if I missed you during the day to to rescheduling, please see me to get caught up.

In AP bio, we rescheduled the H2Olympics lab because we welcomed 5 new people and because students missed about 25 minutes of class due to having been redirected to the cafeteria to get their schedules.

We did answer a do now question (what's the difference between cohesion and adhesion?) and we went over the pre-lab questions for the H2Olympics today.  We also set up our glossaries in the back of your interactive notebooks.

For homework, read pp. 47-52 and finish your glossaries for the words on the word wall.

In environmental science, students received their textbooks.  (See Ms. Adams to get yours.)

Answer your do now (on NB p. 18.)  Then, you took notes on NB p. 15, set up your glossary with the word wall words (NB p. 192,) and began scanning textbook pp. 180-186 with the THIEVES pre-reading strategy.

For homework, Read textbook pp. 180-186 and write the meanings for the 8 word wall words.

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