Thursday, August 19, 2010

Can't Wait to Start Doing Labs

I'll admit, I'm ready to do some labs and I'm getting a bit tired of this procedural stuff that is necessary at the beginning of the year.

Today in AP bio, the kids took the ACT science practice test.  They also turned in their Quantitative Skills Pre-Tests.  For homework, they just need to get all of the supplies that are listed in teh syllabus.

Today in environmental science, the kids answered the do now question on notebook p. 14: What strategies do you use to help you understand a complicated science text?

Then in env. science, kids turned in their Quantitative Skills Pre-tests (except for 2nd period, who will have one additional day for them.)

Today I also introduced the THIEVES Reading Strategy, so get the notes for this on notebook p. 6.  There were also a couple of other documents that were handed out that you should put in your notebook: The syllabus (put on the inside cover of your notebook) and the lab safety contract (put on pp. 10-12 of your notebook.)  Get all of the documents from the Document crate.

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