Friday, August 27, 2010

First Quiz in Env. Science, Solutions in AP Bio

In Environmental Science, students took their first vocabulary quiz over the hydrologic cycle vocabulary.  As students were taking the quiz, I checked their notebooks and their glossaries/vocabulary charts.  See me to take the quiz after school on Monday or Wednesday if you were absent.

Before the quiz (in all periods but 2nd period, we took notes on notebook pp. 27).  Complete your questoins and summaries on NB p. 26 after the quiz.

There is no homework for the weekend!

In AP Biology, we answered the do now question (on NB p. 23): Describe everything that you know about the properties of water.  Then, we took notes on solutions and "Water as the Universal Solvent" on NB p. 23.

For AP Bio Homework, read pp. 51-53 and review vocabulary and water properties for Monday's quiz.

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