Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Lab Day!

In both AP bio and in environmental science, we did labs today (yay!) 

In AP, we did a webquest about biomolecules/organic compounds.  Pick up the "Organic Compounds Graphic Organizer" from Week 3 in the Document Crate.  If you did not finish, then finish it up for homework, due Friday.  Also, read the textbook pp. 68-91.  Finally, we are REALLY having the water properties quiz tomorrow, so study for it!

In environmental science, we did a Groundwater Model Activity (on Notebook p. 33.)  If you were absent, please sign up to stay after school on Wednesday to make it up.  For homework, continue to work on your new vocabulary words in your glossary.  (See yesterday's blog post or the word wall for the words.)

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