Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Big Fat AP Bio Books & Interactive Notebooks

Today in AP Bio, we went over the syllabus and lab safety rules (get both documents from the AP bio document crate.)  Studnets also received their textbooks.  (See Ms. Adams for yours.)

The AP Bio homework is to get the rest of your materials that are listed in the syllabus (plus a one inch binder for labs) and to finish your Quantitative Skills Pre-Test.

In Environmental Science (all except for second period, which should read yesterday's entry,) we first discussed the questions "Is knowledge power?" and "Is knowledge of science power?"  Then we set up our interactive notebooks by numbering the pages and finally we discussed lab safety through student-performed skits.

Environmental Science homework is to finish the Quantitative Skills pre-test if you didn't turn it in early.  Also, remember that you need all of your materials by Friday!

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