Tuesday, May 3, 2011

What'd Mendel Do? DNA Fingerprinting Lab

Today in regular bio, students completed notes on textbook section 10.1 on notebook pp. 118-120.  Read the section, write questions, and take notes.  I checked students' notebooks for pp. 105, 107-108, and the first 5 Frayer Model vocab words on p. 114.  (See the table of contents if you do not know what any of these items are.)

For homework, start working on the remaining 8 Frayer Models words (on NB pp. 115-117.)  All of the words are due on Friday.  The words are

  1. heredity
  2. genetics
  3. trait
  4. gamete
  5. fertilization
  6. hybrid
  7. phenotype
  8. genotype
The extra credit words are
  1. pollination
  2. law of segregation
  3. law of independent assortment
In AP bio, we worked on Lab 6A.  Turn in your DNA essay. 

For homework, do the lab analysis questions that you can in the absence of data (I will give you the data tomorrow.)  Also, keep studying, studying, studying for the AP test.  Bring both your 1st and 2nd semester notebooks tomorrow.

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