Thursday, May 5, 2011

Punnett Squares 101

If you were absent on Thursday, then you missed out on the basics of Punnett Squares.  You also need to get a bunch of handouts from the Week 35 folder.

First, get the "Genetics Vocab Entrance Ticket" and turn it in.

Then, finish the Genetics and Probability Lab (NB pp. 122-123.)  Have Ms. Adams check it.

Then, get the handouts "Punnett Squares 101" (1 of 2 and 2 of 2) and glue onto NB pp. 124-125.  Read through these steps as you read the "Punnett Squares 101 Sample Problem"  (NB p. 127) and the "Graphic Organizer for Solving Genetics Problems" (NB p. 126.)  Check out Ms. Adams' or a classmate's notebook to see how the graphic organizer was filled out, based on this sample problem.

For homework: Review NB pp. 124-125.  Frayer Model Vocabulary Due Friday.

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