Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Probability with Pennies, Analyzing DNA

Today in regular bio, we did a probability lab with pennies.  (Get the 2 handouts from the Week 35 folder.)  You can actually do this activity at home, so if you were absent, get the handouts and do it at home and show it to me within three days.  (Make sure to get the class data from me or from a classmate.)

For homework, continue working on the genetics Frayer model words (due Friday.)  Attempt the lab analysis questions for tomorrow.

In AP bio, I provided the band patterns for the DNA analysis.  Use it to measure the distance that the DNA fragments traveled.  Then make a graph of your DNA Marker data.  Then analyze the results.

For homework, finish the lab.  Continue to study for the AP test.  Bring your practice AP test and both your semester 1 and semester 2 materials to class on Thursday.

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