Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Punnett Squares Practice, Evolution Video

Today in biology, we did Punnett Squares #2 question #7 as a do now question.  Then we worked in groups to check and modify the Punnett Squares problems that I gave students feedback on (Punnett Squares #1 that were assigned on Friday and I returned on Monday) and the first 3 questions on Punnett Squares #2.  Then students worked on finishing the rest of Punnett Squares #2.  We went over the answers for PS #1 in class.  If you were absent, make sure to see Ms. Adams to get the correct answers for PS #1 so you can ensure that you are doing them correctly.

For homework, finish up all of the Punnett Squares #1 and 2, review them, label them correctly, and make sure they are pasted in your notebook.

In AP bio, we watched a video about evolution.

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