Monday, April 4, 2011

Wrap up Q3, plan for Q4

Today was the first day of the fourth quarter.

If you were absent, make sure to check the returned work drawer for your class period to get your quarter 3 exams (including the ACT print outs) and then put them on the appropriate pages in your notebook, according to the table of contents that's posted in the room.

For regular bio, students worked in partners to check whether they appropriately marked the text on their ACT passages and questions.  Then they went over the questions to determine why they got the questions that they missed incorrect.  If you were absent, also get the ACT Test Questions Explanations Packet from the Week 32 folder and put it on NB pp. 94-99.

For homework, write a 3/4 page essay on NB p. 90 in which you reflect on your quarter 3 work.  How do your Q3 exam scores and your Q3 grades demonstrate your work ethic?  What will you change or keep the same for Q4?  Have your parent sign this essay.  It is due on Wednesday.

In regular bio, we went over the exam essays and Q3 grades.  I also explained the grading for the Fruit Fly Lab Report.  Then we took notes on Notebook p. 99 about AP Lab 8.  Get the notes from a classmate.  Also, get the handout for AP Lab 8 from the Week 32 folder.

For homework, read, highlight, and annotate AP Lab 8, due tomorrow.

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