Tuesday, April 12, 2011


This week, 8th period's agenda and assignments will be different than the rest of the regular bio classes (see below.)

For all regular bio periods except 8th, get a piece of graph paper from the Week 33 folder, set it up to record your progress on the ACT passages, and glue it on NB p. 101.

Then have Ms. Adams check your ACT Science Practice packet from 30-35 for credit.  Finally, complete through p. 43 in your ACT packet for Tuesday.  4th period, make sure I've seen your annotations/corrections for your ACT science test (on NB pp. 92-99.)

In 8th period, have Ms. Adams check pp. 10-19 in your ACT Science Practice packet for homework credit.  

Then do pp. 20-30 by Tuesday.

In AP bio, make sure you turn in your AP Lab 8.  Also, have me check your notes for Section 23.1 and 23.2.  Finally, we took notes called "Evolution Basics."  

For homework, finish reading and highlighting the Evolution packet that I gave you yesterday (it's in the Week 33 folder) and is due tomorrow.

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