Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Heredity and Genetics Webquest

Today  we did the Heredity and Genetics Webquest.   Take Cornell Notes on NB p. 107-108.  You should make and answer AT LEAST five questions.  Make sure that you go through the entire webquest and take notes on it.  The entire webquest will be due at the end of the day on Friday.

We also went over the 11 question ACT quiz that we took on Monday, if you were absent, make sure to get yours from the returned work box and affix it to the appropriate pages in your notebook (109-110.)

There was no homework over the days of the PSAE, but make sure you have NB p. 105 #12 (Who's the Daddy?  Will this Help?) completed for Friday (I forgot to check it on Tuesday.)

For AP bio, we took notes on DNA structure and DNA replication.  Also, get AP Lab #6 from the document crate (Week 34.)

For homework, Read, highlight, and annotate Part 6B of the Lab, due Monday.  For Friday, review the DNA Structure and Replication Notes and start reviewing first semester notes (chemistry of life.)

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