Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Population Genetics Lab, Analyze Recent ACT Results

Today in AP biology, we completed Case Study 1 of the Population Genetics Lab (Lab 8.)  For homework, re-read the rest of the cases and also do the analysis questions for Case Study 1.

In regular bio, we re-did the do now questions from yesterday (I passed them back--if you were absent, get them from your period's returned work drawer.) and then put them on p. 100 in your notebook.  Then we worked on our annotations about the reasons why we got the questions wrong on the last ACT.  (See NB pp. 92-99.)  This will be due on Thursday or Friday (whenever I will see your class on the half day.)

I also checked NB p. 90 (the reflection about quarter 3 that was assigned on Monday.  If you were absent, make sure you have me check it.)

 For homework: Finish your ACT correction annotations (due Thursday for 5th and 6th) and due Friday for 2nd and 4th), due Monday for 8th.

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