Thursday, January 6, 2011

My Version of the Study Guide, Nematode Presentation

Today in biology, students finished up their "Make My Own Study Guides" on NB pp. 112-???.  When they were done, they checked in with me to receive their points and then receive the study guide that I created that is specifically aligned to the final exam.  (Please see Ms. Adams to do so.)

Also, I gave back the questions for the ACT Practice test that was given on 11/30 and that I gave the ScanTrons back on Monday.  Use this to study for the 33 ACT questions.

The final exam will be 100 questions (67 based on the notebook and study guide and 33 ACT style questions--6 passages.)

For homework, finish the Study Guide that I gave you for tomorrow!

Today in AP biology, Kristi and Kevin gave their Nematoda presentation.  Get the notes and handouts from them.

For homework, write at least 15 questions for your create-your-own study guide.

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