Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Virtual Fruit Fly Lab

Today in AP biology, we will do a Virtual Fruit Fly Lab.  You will ned a Class Code, which is 6553138 to set up your account.  You will be setting up your own experiment to do a monohybrid cross (Assignment A.)  You will complete an online lab report with this assignment.  Any additional assignments (C is recommended) may be completed for extra credit.  The online lab reports are due next Wednesday, March 30 at 5 PM.  If you were absent, there are two handouts, labeled "Fruit Fly Lab #1" and "Fruit Fly Lab #2" that you should get from the Week 30 folder.

Homework: Look at yesterday's post for homework due Friday.

For regular bio, I only saw 2nd period, and we worked on our Onion and Fish Mitosis Lab reports.

Lab reports are due on Friday!

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