Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Cell Division Frayer Models

Today in biology, I checked notebook pp. 55-57 and 60-61.  Also we had a practice ACT timed reading (Passage V.)  Then students began doing Frayer Models for vocabulary with the following words on notebook pp. 62-65:

  1. surface area to volume ratio
  2. chromosome
  3. chromatin
  4. cell cycle
  5. interphase
  6. mitosis
  7. cytokinesis
  8. prophase
  9. prometaphase
  10. metaphase
  11. anaphase
  12. telophase
  13. daughter cells
  14. sister chromatids
  15. cell plate
  16. cleavage furrow
For homework, do 6 of the Frayer Models.

For AP bio, James did his Mammalia presentation and we went over the "intro to Genetics Problems" handout.  Also, I provided students with a "Punnett Squares 101" handout.

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