Monday, March 21, 2011

Onion and Fish Mitosis Lab, Dihybrid Cross Problems

Today in biology we did the first part of the Onion and Fish Mitosis Lab.  (If you were absent, see me to make it up on Wednesday or Thursday after school.)  The lab will be stapled on p. 75.

At the beginning of the period, I checked the "ID the IPMAT" page of the lab to make sure that you correctly identified the phases of the cell cycle and did the percentage calculations with the sub on Friday.  If you were absent, see me so I can check it.

For homework, re-read the lab so you are familiar with Day 2's procedures.

Today in AP biology, we went over dihybrid Punnett square crosses.  If you were absent, then get the packet from the Week 30 folder in the document crate.

For homework, do at least 4 of the dihybrid cross problems.  15/18 of the problems will be due on Wednesday.

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