Friday, December 17, 2010

Lab before break!

On the Friday half day before break, I only saw the afternoon biology classes (5th, 6th, and 8th) and we did a potato lab about diffusion and osmosis.

If you were absent, you cannot make up the lab unless you had a valid excused absence for the following reasons: 1) a death in the family, 2) a hospitalization, 3) a serious illness.

Therefore the handouts from the lab will not be in the document crate and you must see me with your documented note from your parent about your excused absence in order to make up the lab.

For homework, you should do the following:
1) Begin studying for your comprehensive final exam (which is 20% of your grade.)
2) Finish your Frayer Models on NB pp. 104-105
3) Revise your research papers if needed (due 1/3/11 for 2nd and 4th periods, due 1/6/10 for 5th-8th periods.)
4) Finish your labs on NB pp. 106-109.

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