Friday, December 10, 2010

Academic Vocabulary, Intro to the Cell Cycle

Today in biology, students answered the do now question, "Why is the plasma membrane important to the cell?" on NB p. 92.  Then students received two handouts that you should get from the week 17 folder (Prefixes #1 and Prefixes #2) and put on NB pp. 93-94. 

Next, students looked at the Cambridge Vol. 1 books (p. 638) and identified words that they know, "kinda" know and don't know.  Then they used the Frayer Model for Vocabulary to learn five new words on NB p. 95-97.  Finally, they had an exit ticket before they left. 

I also announced the winners of the classroom science fair.  They are as follows:

2nd period: Joceylyn Mitchell, Jalen Robinson, and Vernon Thomas
4th period: Jamal Brown, Nikkia Pearce, and Amber Young
5th period: Kizuwanda Byrd, Rachel Dunbar, Jaliya Jones, and Shania Wright
6th period: Latra' Chipley, D'sha Jernegons, and Brittonia McKenzie and Anitra Jones
8th period: Armani Costilla, Khristian Fipps, and Mykel Young

They will all participate in the school science fair on Wednesday, Dec. 15 from 4:30-6:30 PM.

No homework over the weekend!

In AP biology, students previewed Chapter 12: The Cell Cycle.  Then they used the headings to write questions in the left hand column of their Cornell Notes and then read to answer and take notes about the Cell Cycle form textbook pp. 218-226.  The notes go on NB pp. 117-119. 

For homework, finish and study your notes!  Work on your ODP project as necessary.

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